Partition Cassette900

Partition Cassette900


Partition system Cassett900 is a pre-manufactured flexible partition system made by steel. Cassette900 is primarily used within the industry where it solves the problem with bad working environment for the employees.

Poor industrial environment in a company will result in reduced productivity. Poor environment is i.e. unacceptable noise, dirt and dust, EMP disruptions and bad working integrity. These are the problems partition system Casstte900 solves by simply "build away" the unacceptable bad working environment. Movable partition wall could easily be changed when there is a change in lay-out of factory. In the program there are also pre-manufactured movable offices available. Delivered ready for use wherever there is a demand for a workshop office.

Partition system Cassette900 is a modular system (3M) based on pre-manufactured steel cassettes for walls and ceiling. The cassettes are filled with noise reducing mineral wool. The partition system has also in the program window cassettes in aluminum profiles supplied with hardened glass (4+4 mm) in order to fulfill the demand of contact and light admission. The ceiling construction can be designed different depending on demand for loading capacity and demand for noise reduction. The Cassette900 system is constructed of fire resistant material with verifying noise and fire testing. The partition elements are available in 50 or 100 mm depth and height from 525-3500 mm. The technical design make the partition system shielding against EMP disturb. Tests have been executed at HPD simulator at FOA (Swedish defense testing institute) in Linköping, Sweden.

ME250 mezzanines - Floor Structures:
Dexion ME250 mezzanine flooring allows for a cost efficient creation of extra floor space in existing buildings. Beautiful in simplicity the uprights and beams of the light structured Dexion ME250 can build up to be some of the largest heavy duty floors. With a standard load up to 1000 kg/m2 and a span up to 10 meters, the Dexion ME250 is multifunctional for almost all users.

Completed with a high quality stairway, strong railing and 3 different kinds of pallet gates a Dexion ME250 floor can be an economical solution when compared to concrete construction. A Dexion Mezzanine floor is also totally demountable and reusable.