Kasten Vertical Carousell - Paternoster

Kasten Vertical Carousell - Paternoster


Paternoster is an excellent solution for optimal reduction of picking times. Particularly great reduction in picking time is seen with batch picking, offering more rapid turnaround.

The rotating automated storage solution saves floor space and offers efficient height-optimized storage.

Retrieval points can be set up on many floors.

Paternoster offers closed, safe storage and protects products from dust and light. Picking work in warehouses can be reduced by up to 60%.

The work environment is safe and ergonomic, as carriers are transported to an optimal working level. Paternoster always takes the shortest route to the operator, enabling a fast handling of products.

Paternoster is recommended for systems storing many different types of goods. It offers rapid processing and minimization of picking errors. Paternoster always takes the shortest route to the operator.