Van der Gaag BV, The Netherlands

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Van der Gaag BV, The Netherlands

By installing a mezzanine floor of Dexion, the production area of Van der Gaag increased. Also HI280 shelving was inserted on the floor for additional storage.

Van der Gaag:

When Van der Gaag BV moved to a smaller building it reduced the available production space, which was a problem for them. However, the height of the building made it possible to construct a mezzanine floor over the existing area, which significantly increased the available working space.

Van der Gaag were delighted with the quality of the mezzanine floor ME250 and its solid construction.

Due to the height of the building it was possible to install a ME250 floor with HI280 shelving on top of it. This solution created a work area under the floor and a storage area on their new second level.

ME250 Mezzanine Floor
Free standing floor: 55 m2
Carrying capacity: 350 kg/m2
17m balustrade
1 pallet gate

Shelving System Hi280:
36 bays of 2100mm x 1000mm x 400 mm (HxWxD) with 4 shelves
3 bays of 2100mm x 1000mm x 300 mm (HxWxD) with 10 shelves