Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark - Constructor Workplace Storage Reference

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Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark - Constructor Workplace Storage Reference

The logistics center just outside Denmarks second largest city, Århus, houses 106,000 square meters of warehousing, terminals, administration and long goods-area. Three out of the seven buildings were purchased by Danske Fragtmænd Århus.

Each of their warehouses handles articles differently, and thus the pallet racking forms the pivotal point for the logistics needing a rational and secure handling system.


The project demanded that P90 pallet racking and portable offices for four warehouses of each 2,000 sqm were delivered.

The P90 galvanised pallet racking is to a height of 7.5 meters with a total capacity of 10,982 pallet places. The solution allows for a possible extension of an extra supporting level, this would provide space for another 2,500 pallets, if required in the future. The installation could then accommodate 125,000 ton goods.  For office space in each of the warehouses Constructor Danmark suppliled a total of 14 portable offices.

A portable office is delivered to your warehouse as a plug-and-play installation, ready for immediate use. A portable office can be used for several purposes: working place, conference room or rest room.


Height of installation:

7,5 m

No. of pallet places:

10.982  (potentially 13.400)

No. of portable offices: