Workplace Storage Solutions - References

  • Workplace Storage - Constructor Group Reference: Cosanit Belgium

    Cosanit, Belgium

    Cosanit, who supply heating and sanitary products to the Belgium market, asked for a storage solution at their new premises.

  • Warehouse - Pallet Racking - Distribution Centres - Constructor Reference: Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    This logistics center just outside Århus, houses 106.000 square meters of warehousing, terminals, administration and long goods-area.

  • Workplace Storage - Constructor Group Reference: K-Rauta, Finland

    K-Rauta, Finland

    This national hardware chain needed help in storing their 30,000 product lines. We have provided the storage equipment for every store.

  • Workplace Storage - Shelving system - Constructor Group Reference: POLO Expressversand, Germany

    POLO Expressversand, Germany

    One of the leading suppliers of motorcycle related products needed a new logistics centre, so we helped them.

  • Van der Gaag - Mezzaninse & Hi280 Shelving System - Constructor Storage

    Van der Gaag BV, The Netherlands

    Moving to a smaller building meant that space was restricted due to the height of the building. A mezzanine floor was installed increasing the available workspace.