Stema Engineering A/S - Denmark

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Stema Engineering A/S - Denmark

Stema was suffering from a serious lack of space in their warehouse. The area had large quantities of pallet racking covering a significant distance. The travel time prior to the picking operation was long and the process ineffective.

The warehouse was required to deliver components to facilitate assembly tasks  and a picking operation was required for ongoing sales and service activity. Each day large quantities of components were dispatched and received which resulted in a high level of activity in the warehouse.

The TORNADO was placed in the production area, against the wall of the storage warehouse. In this wall an opening was created, which corresponded to the measurement of the TORNADO pick face. The TORNADO could equally have been placed outside the building. This would have allowed a machine with twice the height (15 metres).

The TORNADO machine significantly reduced the floor space required taking up just 13m2 but contained all the parts which originally took up 170 m2 to store. The TORNADO reduced picking times and improved the handling of orders.

Height of Tornado: 7.5 metres
Tray width: 4 metres
No. of trays: 65
Floor space used: 13 m2