JP Group A/S, Denmark

JP Group A/S, Denmark


J.P. Group about C-WIS

Flemming Nøhr, the warehouse manager at J.P. Group, attended a C-WIS Seminar at an exhibition in 2009. He says: “I had been looking for a program like C-WIS. We have a large warehouse where we often do relocations, and it highlighted to me to that C-WIS shows the consequences of any changes before we physically make them.

At the seminar, we were aware of the many opportunities the C-WIS program offers. Usually you keep an eye on A articles but not so much on C and D articles. Suddenly we could see how much the stock actually stands still.” The seminar resulted in a meeting between Constructor's C-WIS people and the management at JP Group. Flemming Nøhr elaborates: “At the meeting we had a good presentation that was quite an eye opener for the management.”

Constructor returned shortly with an analysis that used JP Group's own figures showing that there were possibilities for improvement. Constructor then instigated a full C-WIS project at JP Group. “It has been a very positive experience. A very big advantage of the process has been that the C-WIS people not only have knowledge about the C-WIS software, but also a large knowledge of logistics and stock keeping. They know both worlds and this has clearly been very important,” concludes Flemming Nøhr.

JP Group a/s was founded in 1976 by John Pedersen.

John Pedersen was originally a bus driver, but from 1965 he spent all his spare time producing rubber mounts for cars, rubber hammers and ashtrays. This gave him the financial ability to invest in tools and machinery and enabled him to produce parts for his greatest interest, cars. There are now approx. 40 people working in the store and 8 people in the purchasing department.