C-WIS Design gave extra gain at Ejendals Suomi Oy

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C-WIS Design gave extra gain at Ejendals Suomi Oy

We offered C-WIS Design product to Ejendals to give a 3D solution to their new coming warehouse. Our goal was to create an efficient overall solution that would combine their warehouse processes as well as meet the factory’s production lines. By simulating the warehouse actions they would minimize their risk of problems as they go online.

Ejendals had already made construction plans for the new warehouse. The free ceiling height of the warehouse was set to 6000 mm. Using C-WIS modeling we were quickly able to show that the reserved height was too small for the need of the stored goods. As a result of this the free ceiling height was then set to 8000 mm

The design was based on Ejendals defined functions within the warehouse. The new building was chosen to match seamlessly with the factory and the dispatch center activities to improve material handling. In order the solution to be efficient, we determined material flows to the stock. This way we could offer the best solution to Ejendals by simulating actual material flows to obtain possible solution for furniture, and a proposal for the required resources.

Process simulation
By simulating different solutions for picking from rackings we decided to recommend the low-level equipment in Ejendals case. All the features for picking were created in C-WIS simulator as they would be created in the future to the new warehouse. This way we could show an overall picture about the functionality of the solution before the building itself was even constructed.