Axellus, Denmark saving future costs with C-WIS

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Axellus, Denmark saving future costs with C-WIS

Axellus is a leading supplier of health and food and represents some of the best-known brands within health and food supplements throughout Europe. When the company was faced with the challenge of merging two warehouses, they discovered that the project could involve significant logistics challenges.

 “We were familiar with Constructor, as they have been our pallet rack supplier for decades. Constructor then introduced us to C-WIS, an analysis tool designed to assist companies in warehouse planning processes,” says Project Manager of Axellus Denmark, Berit Bentsen.

Visualising the future
Being a sophisticated logistics optimisation system for stock keeping companies, C-WIS offers a number of analysis and simulation possibilities. This allowed Axellus to explore several layout options, making sure that the selected solution would take all relevant aspects into account.

One of the highly relevant aspects that Axellus discovered in the C-WIS project was the fact that their warehouse needed two additional doors as intersections between the three 2.200 m2 cells. Without these, the warehouse would have experienced large amounts of congestions and Bottlenecks because of long pick rounds and unsuitable placing of the high runners.

“It was definitely a great advantage having Constructor Logistics Services with us facilitating the project, and with the help of C-WIS actually visualising the potential challenges we were facing. By allowing us to get things right from the start, we knew exactly what to expect – and what to do,” says Berit Bentsen.

Dynamic data, dynamic solution
C-WIS uses real data from the company’s ERP or WMS system to ensure continuous optimisation of warehouse performance, including working methods, goods’ flow, location strategys, capital tied up manning and layout. For Axellus, the seamless and intuitive input of transaction data into C-WIS was an essential part of the process.