References - C-WIS Warehouse Int. Systems

  • Lindex, Sweden

    Lindex, Sweden

    LINDEX managed to optimize their warehouse through a series of simulations and analysis.

  • Ejendals, Finland

    Ejendals, Finland

    We were able to offer the best solution to Ejendals by simulating actual material flows to obtain possible solution for furniture, and a proposal for the required resources.

  • Axellus, Denmark

    Axellus, Denmark

    Constructor Logistics offered a number of analysis and simulation possibilities to Axellus through the C-WIS analysis tool.

  • References - JP Group A/S, Denmark - Constructor Logitics AB

    JP Group A/S, Denmark

    Flemming Nøhr the warehouse manager at J.P. Group attended a C-WIS Seminar at an exhibition in 2009. He says: “I had been looking for a program like C-WIS.

  • Storage Machines and WMS - Constructor Reference: Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Danske Fragtmænd, Denmark

    Their logistics centre in Denmark is 106,000m2. Four warehouses have been supplied with our galvanised system.

  • Storage Machines and WMS - C-WIS - Constructor Reference: Papyrus, Sweden

    Papyrus, Sweden

    For the design and logistics analysis of different solutions all coming together Papyrus engaged Constructor Logistics.

  • Storage Machines and WMS - Constructor Reference: Diversey, Denmark

    Diversey, Denmark

    Diversey needed to optimized the logistics of the warehouse and to replace the truck fleet. C-WIS helped them to save 800,000 DKK per year.