Svenska Smakupplevelser AB, Sweden - Constructor Group Pallet Racking Reference

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Svenska Smakupplevelser AB, Sweden - Constructor Group Pallet Racking Reference

Shortly after starting the company found out that its premises were too small, it then found a suitable building of 3700 m2 in an earlier printing plant at Stockholm. The building is now refurbished and adapted for the new activity. Their production demanded a warehouse for raw material, a cold store warehouse for finished products and finally a warehouse for distribution of daily shipments.

Quality is a lead word and this ethic goes through their entire business. This was also the reason for contacting Constructor in order to work out a suitable system for storing and creating an effective flow within their production facility.

The warehouse of raw material was equipped with traditional pallet racking P90, where the goods are picked and transported into the clean room zone for production “cooking” of the sauces. The readymade sauces are then packed and transported into the cold store which is constructed of mobile pallet racking - MOVO. This solution means that the space of the cold store room is extremely well utilised. The distribution department’s warehouse is designed using a pallet flow system – FIFO.


  • Warehouse for raw material: pallet racking P90, frame height 6 m. 1000 kg/pallet location. In total 900 pallet locations.
    Accessories for safety such as protection for frames and uprights and vertical back stops.
  • The compact storage solution, MOVO, is constructed of 5 mobiles. Width 4.9 m and height 6 m, 220 pallet locations. Temperature of the cold store +5°C. 
  • The pallet flow, FIFO solution, has 7 runs. Every run has 90 rollers and a slope of  4°. Total capacity 308 pallets.