Seafield Logistics, UK - Constructor Group Pallet Racking Reference

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Seafield Logistics, UK - Constructor Group Pallet Racking Reference

A rapidly expanding third party supply chain specialist, Seafield developed from its original roots as a small southern Irish textile manufacturer in the 1940s. Today's dynamic company was born four decades later when investors bought the original Irish company and oversaw a series of acquisitions of independent transport and warehousing companies.

Now based in Nottinghamshire, when Seafield Logostics needed to add a further 50,000sqft facility to its operations in Aylesham, Kent they turned to Dexion to maximize their storage.


Using the P90 Pallet racking Silverline system with I Tox beams Dexion was able to build a system to accommodate 5,400 pallets, which can be increase in time to store a further 1,500 pallets. This has given flexibility to Seafield’s operations.

The pallet racking was arranged in a wide aisle format enabling the forklift truck operators to work at maximum speed safely.