Iittala Group, Finland - Constructor Group Pallet Racking Reference

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Iittala Group, Finland - Constructor Group Pallet Racking Reference

In the Iittala warehouse all products are stored in the pallet racking. The warehouse construction plan was made only after functional solutions and the racking layout had been decided.

This distribution centre services all the global distribution of Iittala, who sell a range of cutlery and ceramic plus a range of gift ideas across Europe, Arabia and even to Japan and the USA. However the smallest order can be a consumer electronic product to a Finnish consumer. Though deliveries are of very different sizes and they are distributed via diverse sales channels; the logistics must serve all channels in accordance with customers demands and in the most cost-effective manner.


The placing of the pallet racking and their aisles was first planned, only then was the building firm allowed to place the concrete pillars so that they were not on the line of the aisles and of a size to only take only one pallet place. Every pallet rack was divided to four Euro-pallet sections and all beams have the same bearing capacity.

The pallet racking is protected with frame protectors and tunnel guards.

Compared to the old one the new distribution centre is more efficient and safer. A pilot project for paperless picking also started in the warehouse and was expected to be completed during 2010.


Height 7,6 m
Pallets 22.800 pcs
Load/level 3000 kg
Load/section 15000 kg
Load/FIN-pallet max. 1000 kg
Load/EUR-pallet max. 750 kg
Height/pallet 1,2 m
Width of the aisle 3 m