Pull-out unit enhances picking

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Pull-out unit enhances picking

Constructor Denmark has supplied pull-out units for product picking in 4 newly built and two existing warehouses for Harald Nyborg.

The new central storage facility of Harald Nyborg is situated in Odense and contains no less than 13 warehouses totalling over 20,000 m2. The new facility has allowed the company to insource one of their external warehouses. From the central warehouse in Odense, Harald Nyborg supplies 27 Danish stores, the Danish webshop and 10 stores in Sweden. On average 32 orders, each with 750 to 1,000 order lines, are picked every day.

All pull-out units were installed in the bottom layer of the pallet racking from which the staff make their picks. Development Manager Kurt Øbro from Harald Nyborg says: "We presented Constructor with a lay-out for the pull-out units from which they  worked. We are very satisfied with the solution, the quality of the pull-out unit and the entire installation process."

Benefits of pull-out units:
• Ergonomic, easy access
• Creates space
• Increased storage capacity
• Increased picking rates
• Saves time with shorter operation distances
• Better working environment