Hansa Print, Finland - Constructor Group Pallet Racking Reference

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Hansa Print, Finland - Constructor Group Pallet Racking Reference

Heavy paper pallets are stored in P90 push-back Last in First Out (LIFO) - and pallet flow First In First Out (FIFO) pallet racking for Hansaprint.   Being the largest magazine printing house in Finland, with enormous production volume requirements and flexible logistics, they are handled using automatic forklifts.

Paper used in the printing house is delivered in reels, stored on the floor and then moved to the printing machines on pallets where it is turned into printed sheets.  The sheets are stored in intermediate storage using LIFO-racking located beside the production lines.  Finished goods are packed and stored in pallet flow racking (FIFO) before dispatch.


To obtain the maximum logistics capacity both the sheets and finished goods racking are situated near to the production lines. Available space was essential and thus Hansaprint chose a dynamic live pallet storage (LIFO- and FIFO) option to maximise space.

Intermediate storage is situated in LIFO-racking in the direct vicinity of the production process.  Automatic forklifts load and pick the pallets needed in the printing process.

FIFO-racking is used for storing the finished goods.  The automatic forklift loads finished goods pallets in the FIFO-racking and unloading takes place at the other end of the pallet flow racking, directly into the dispatch area.

The dynamic pallet racking and automatic forklifts are an essential part of the logistics strategy within the print house. The warehouse is decentralised according to the requirements of the production flow in the most space saving way.  Because everything is fully automaised the traffic between each set of  racking is continuous.  It is therefore important that all equipment and racking function exceptionably well.



Height 5 m
5 pallets running in 4 levels
Pallet places 1420 pcs
Capacity 250-1000 kg/pallet


Height 4,5  m
7 pallets running in 3 levels
Pallet places 903 pcs
Capacity 250-1000 kg/pallet