GC Rieber Salt AS - Pallet Shuttle System

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GC Rieber Salt AS - Pallet Shuttle System

GC Rieber wanted a safe, compact and high speed system in an unheated warehouse very close to the sea.

GC Riebers needed to expand their storage capacity whilst increasing picking rates and obtaining a better overview of all their products.
Their warehouse are storing bags of salt in close proximity to the ocean, and and thus in a challenging environment.

The Solution

The solution provided by Constructor has a hot dipped galvanized surface to the Racking
and a customised Pallet Shuttle that can work in either a cold or ambient environment.
With 2 shuttles operating, GC Rieber achieved the speed of pallet movements they wanted in the warehouse, as well as a gaining a better product overview at all times.
The shuttles handle both wood and plastic pallets each with different depths.


Type of goods stored: Bags of Salt for various uses
Type of operation: LIFO
Pallet dimensions: 1200 x 800 (with load overhanging) 1200 x 1000mm
Pallet weight: 1000 kg
Pallet height: 1600 mm
Size: 23 lanes, 13 pallets per lane, 4 levels, 1012 pallet positions (euro)


About CG Rieber 

GC Rieber Salt is one of the leading suppliers of salt and related products in the Nordic region.
They offer a wide range of salt and minerals adapted to the different markets within areas such as road maintenance, agriculture, fish processing, food and oil industries.
With a variety of warehouses and terminals across Norway and Denmark, GC Rieber meet the market demands for efficient logistics.
Rapid delivery of high quality salt at competitive prices has been the company’s trademark since 1900.

GC Rieber Salt is a vital part of the GC Rieber Group.