Atlet AB, Sweden – Unicarriers

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Atlet AB, Sweden – Unicarriers

Atlet’s plant has three intenal warehouses, one for incoming components, an intermediate parts warehouse and a finished goods warehouse. All three warehouse are designed and equipped with products from Constructor.

In connection with the intermediate warehouse you find 4 Vertical carousels and 2 Lift machines,  supplied with inbuilt movable shelves for out loading purposes.  Investments in storage machines is related to economy, speed of picking, inventory, stock balance and secure storage.

Atlet has chosen picking units including ergonomic designed extension pull-out units at the assembly work stations. The racking at the narrow isle installation is pallet racking and shelving system. In addition to the total program of storage equipment they has also invested in partition system as planning offices, relax rooms, dividing walls for fire- and noise elimination as primarily demands.

Products and capacity:

  • Pallet racking, P90 and Rack83, totally 7000 pallet locations including safety accessories. 
  • 200 pcs extension pull-out units for ergonomic picking, hanging or equipped with castors and pull- out handle. 
  • Shelving system HI280, 6 m height.
  • Storage Machines: 4 Vertical Carousel IPN Paternoster and 2 Lift Machines TORNADO, for mainly small parts handling integrated in the overall material flow.
  • Cassette900 partition for; office, workshop, rest room and for dividing of factory areas.