Arc E-Commerce, Sweden

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Arc E-Commerce, Sweden

Keywords for the logistics at Arc E-commerce are: space optimisation.

Constructor has provided a dynamic solution to, in Stockholm, for the storage and handling of all merchandise sold via the Internet. The Pallet Shuttle System was the ideal answer for them, when we learnt how their business operated.

The creator of the web shop, Joacim Boivie, has been selling imported goods for some years and has a highly developed sense of what people are looking for right now. deals with seasonal products so in Summer you can buy garden trampolines and bicycles; in Winter they offer heat pumps and snow ploughs. The ever changing stock profile meant that their storage solution needed to cater for a large volume of goods with easy access, whilst retaining seasonal products in a safe environment.

The Internet is central to so naturally it was through this channel that they identified with their suppliers in China. Similarly it was on the web where they found Constructor Sweden when looking for answers to their storage challenges. Joacim Boivie’s biggest issue was to manage the balance between stocking too little and too much of each item. Most items sold on are imported from China and due to the length of time required between an initial idea and the eventual launch on the web, Joacim skills at identifying the right products are critical.

Warehouse logistics with Pallet Shuttle System
One of the challenges that Constructor had to consider were the dimensions of the warehouse, as there were large columns running across the building.  In addition, the stock profile contained mixed goods with different pallet sizes, with varying demands, plus a need for bulk storage. The ideal solution to satisfy all the elements was a Pallet Shuttle System. This offered 4 sections, on 3 levels and provided 540 pallet locations, all fully accessible by the shuttle. This gave them a dense storage structure with the added benefit of the automatic platform for retrieving and locating pallets, to improve the speed of their operation.

Facts about the installation:

  • 4 sections with 15 pallets in depth
  • Rack height: 4000 mm
  • Load capacity: 500 kg/pallet
  • Number of pallet places: 540
  • Long side handling of EUR-pallet 800 x 1200 mm
  • 1 shuttle for max. Pallet weight 1500 kg