Storing of Pallets and Pallet Racking - References

  • Arc E-Commerce, Sweden

    Arc E-Commerce, Sweden

    Constructor has provided a dynamic solution to, in Stockholm, for the storage and handling of all merchandise sold via the Internet. The Pallet Shuttle System was the ideal answer for them, when we learnt how their business operated.

  • Atlet AB, Sweden

    Atlet AB, Sweden

    Atlet’s plant has three intenal warehouses, one for incoming components, an intermediate parts warehouse and a finished goods warehouse.

  • Brady Ham Kildare, Ireland

    Brady Ham Kildare, Ireland

    Storage Systems Ltd has completed a Dexion Deepstor Drive In Racking installation at Brady Ham.

  • Mobile Pallet Racking - Constructor Reference: FJ Industries, Denmark

    FJ Industries, Denmark

    When FJ Industries built a new 620 m2 warehouse and wanted to obtain as many pallet places as possible, they needed a strong and robust pallet racking system.

  • Constructor Pallet Shuttle

    GC Rieber Salt AS, Norway

    GC Rieber wanted a safe, compact and high speed system in an unheated warehouse very close to the sea.

  • Pallet Racking - Constructor Group Reference: Hansa Print, Finland

    Hansa Print, Finland

    Hansaprint is the largest magazine printing house in Finland, they decided to store their paper in P90 Last in First Out (LIFO) - and First In First Out (FIFO) pallet racking.

  • Harald Nyborg, Denmark

    Harald Nyborg, Denmark

    Constructor Denmark has supplied pull-out units for product picking in 4 newly built and two existing warehouses for Harald Nyborg.

  • Mobile Pallet Racking - Constructor Reference: Hennig Olsen Is AS, Norway

    Hennig Olsen Is AS, Norway

    Due to a regular increase in output, the labels and packaging warehouse needed more space. The solution was to replace the existing racking with mobile racking.

  • Storing of Pallets - Constructor Reference: Hottlet, Belgium

    Hottlet, Belgium

    Hottlet import frozen seafood from all over the world to their warehouse near Antwerp port. This was modernised with our mobile pallet racking.

  • Pallet Racking - Constructor Group Reference: Iittala Group, Finland

    Iittala Group, Finland

    This distribution centre services all the global distribution of Iittala, who sell a range of cutlery and ceramic plus a range of gift ideas.

  • Jula, Sweden

    Jula, Sweden

    Jula chose MOVO to maximise their warehouse functionality. ”This pallet racking has been well equipped with a number of optional accessories, e.g. night mode and centrally managed lighting. Jula has really optimised functionality”

  • Storing of Pallets - Constructor Group Reference: Moens Verpakkingen, Belgium

    Moens Verpakkingen, Belgium

    MOVO pallet racking provided the ideal solution for Moens Verpakkingen new storage solution.

  • Warehouse - Pallet Racking - Constructor Reference: Multiline, Denmark

    Multiline, Denmark

    With the new warehouse of 13,500 square meters MultiLine has created a central warehouse and gathered all activities.

  • Storing of Pallets - Constructor Group Reference: Seafield Logistics, Great Britain

    Seafield Logistics, Great Britain

    When Seafield Logistics needed to add a further 50,000sqft facility to its operations in Aylesham, Kent they turned to Dexion to maximize their storage.

  • Storing of Pallets - Constructor Reference: Strømmes Reklame AS, Norway

    Strømmes Reklame AS, Norway

    When Strømmes Reklame needed more pallet places in their existing building, Mobile pallet racking provided 70% more space.

  • Svenska Smakupplevelser AB, Sweden

    Svenska Smakupplevelser AB, Sweden

    Standard pallet racking, mobile pallet racking and pallet flow was provided to optimise the storage of their three warehouses for raw materials, cold storage of finished goods and distribution.