Schneider Electric, Sweden

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Schneider Electric, Sweden - ConstructorGroup Storing of Long Goods

Schneider Electric is one of the worlds leading companies within energy effectivness. Turn over world wide is 20 billions euro and the group have120.000 employees. The Nordic central warehouse is located in Örebro, Örebro RDC, from where the Nordic market, including the Baltic states, is served with products and customer pre-assembled solutions.

The total surface of the warehouse is for the time being 14.000 m² and is served by a labor force of 80 persons. The warehouse is divided into different zones, where zone 1 is for incoming goods and control. Zone 2 is storing and picking area and zone 3 packing and shipping. The warehouse equipment is pallet racking P90 for palletized goods as well as for heavy and long goods. Shelving system HI280 is available for manual picking as well as 9 m high narrow isle storing. Long side the building is a 9 m high cantilever racking mounted for long goods.

The operations give an impression of fast expansion and when the latest demand for increased storage volume was a fact Constructor was contacted.  A proposition was worked out resulting in a re-design of present manual picking racking Hi280 to a 9 m high narrow isle installation served by narrow isle lifters. The suggestion resulted in another 3812 shelf meters at the same floor space.  A solution giving a remarkable better effectiveness of the existing warehouse volume as well as savings due to non-realized plans for extension of the building – yet.

  • Pallet racking P90: frame height 9 m. Beam loading capacity 2400 kg. 3K and 4K. Total 11.500 pallet locations.
  • Pallet racking safety equipment; Frame protectors. Post guards. Security mesh frames and vertical back stop support.
  • Shelving system HI280; designed as manual picking racks and as a 9 m high narrow isle installation. Total 5615 shelf-meters.
  • Cantilever GT90; 9 m high for long and heavy materials. Section loading capacity: 5 tons.