K-Rauta, Finland - Constructor Group Storing of Long Goods Reference

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K-Rauta, Finland - Constructor Group Storing of Long Goods Reference

K-rauta is a national hardware chain store. The store has been extended and renovated several times. The latest renovation took place during 2007 and Constructor has delivered pallet racking and cantilever racking from the first. Shop fittings and storage systems must meet their storage requirements in shop, storage and other outdoor locations.

Nearly 30,000 items are sold; however, only examples of products are displayed on the shop floor, with the balance kept in stock. The most frequently sold items include sauna timber, paints, floorings, plasters, bars and plasterboards. Warehouses and pick-up yards are parts of the shop too.


Heavy loads need heavy racking. The store is fitted out mainly with P90 pallet racking, which is located in the shop, warehouse and pick-up yard. The most important accessories used with pallet racking are tunnel guards, fork entry beams, frame protectors and end mesh.

In order to display large items more effectively the shop’s side area was fitted out with pallet racking. At the same time the building height was utilised more efficiently, given that items stored at height on the pallet racking would be noticed.

Some of the pallet racking is supplied with basket shelves. Mesh shelves and baskets let light go through racking so it looks roomy in the shop. It is easy to set out products in the mesh shelves and prevent them falling out from racking or require separate baskets.

Cantilever racking and racking for wood articles are located mainly at outdoor locations.


P90 pallet racking:

- Height 4500 – 5500 mm
- Pallet places 1900 pcs

Cantilever racking (heavy), hot galvanized:

- Height 5000 mm
- Arm length 1200 mm
- Loading capacity 1200 kg/arm