Storing of Long Goods - References

  • The Light Duty Cantilever option was ideal for Kawneer.

    Kawneer, Netherlands

    The natural solution for the new Kawneer facility was Dexion Cantilever racking – with a twist: each of the arms of the cantilever racks would be covered with soft foam and the ends of the arms would have a terminal pin.

  • Rexel, Germany

    Rexel, Germany

    Constructor has created space for the storage and order-picking of some 30.000 items And increasing order lines picked per day from 6.000 to 12.000.

  • Reference - Schneider Electric, Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Schneider Electric, Sweden

    Schneider Electric is one of the worlds leading companies within energy effectivness. Turnover world wide is 20 billion euros and the group have 120,000 employees.

  • Storing of long goods - Constructor Reference: SEAS-NVE, Denmark

    SEAS-NVE, Denmark

    SEAS-NVE had a lack of outdoor storage capacity and needed to liberate space for other purposes. A cantilever solution was installed on the outside of a warehouse.

  • Storing of long goods - Constructor Group Reference: Kodin Terra, Finland

    Kodin Terra, Finland

    Pallet racking and Optim shop fittings have proven to be an effective display idea for Kodin Terra's range of home furnishings, construction and garden products.

  • Storing of Long Goods - Constructor Group Reference: Agrimarket, Finland

    Agrimarket, Finland

    In DIY and hardware stores the size of products ranges from small items to large machinery. This is why the flexibility of shop fittings is important.

  • Storing of long goods - Constructor Group Reference: K-Rauta, Finland

    K-rauta, Finland

    This national hardware chain needed help in storing their 30,000 product lines. We have provided the storage equipment for every store.