Constructor installs a Tornado Humidor for STG

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Constructor installs a Tornado Humidor for STG

Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) is very familiar with using semi-automatic machines which improves their warehouse logistics, but wanted to install an innovative ‘Tornado Humidor’ for the storage of finished cigars.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of cigars and pipe tobacco. STG operates internationally with affiliates in 20 countries and they sell tobacco products in more than 100 countries worldwide.

It was decided to install a Tornado Humidor that was equipped with a humidifying and a ventilation system, which constantly recirculates the humidified air inside the machine. In order to fully regulate the ventilation and humidity levels a decision was taken to  clad the machine which would in turn isolate it, preventing the humidity levels leaching out from inside.

Another key factor that needed careful consideration was the humid conditions in which the machine would have to operate. This environment would without doubt be challenging for the machine and would test it’s durability in terms of potential corrosion. This was solved by installing galvanised trays of steel and painted panels. Furthermore, all electronical components were removed from the machine and placed into a separate cabinet. 

Additionally, to minimise humidity variances when picking and storing, a sliding door was installed that automatically opens and closes when trays are brought to and from the picking opening. The machine is operated by two touch screens.

To fully exploit the room height the Tornado Humidor was fully integrated into a Multi-Tier solution, which included a picking station on the 1st level. The area below was used for packing.

Henrik Skov Jensen , Constructor says: ”From the beginning of this complex installation we worked in close collaboration with various sub-suppliers, leveraging on each other’s skills and expertise to achieve the best possible solution.  

Height: 7 726 mm
Width:   4 705 mm
Tray depth (inside): 4 250 mm
Tray depth (inside): 820 mm
Max load capacity tray: 400 kg
Max storage capacity:  100,000 cigars