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Köster, Denmark - ConstructorGroup Storage Machines and Small Part Handling

Long span shelving has been installed at Köster’s warehouse in Denmarkwhere the shelving willl be used to store the company's entire stock of equipment for arc stud welding and welding bolts.

Since 1992 Köster Denmark has distributed products from global suppliers of equipment for arc stud welding and welding bolts.

Köster Denmark chose longspan racking instead of small items racking to obtain a better exploitation of the space in the rack sections. Another advantage was that longspan racking has a high load capacity, this was important to Köster, since the products they store are very heavy.

The solution:

A total of 5 longspan shelving aisles have been installed, 1 single and 4 double. The shelving was placed in the warehouse with pallet racking at one end and longspan shelving at the other.


Number of shelving:

1 single, 4 double

Shelving height:

2500 mm

Shelf depth:

600 mm

Load capacity per shelf:

500 kg evenly distributed

Load capacity per section:

2500 kg evenly distributed