Klinger, Denmark - Constructor Group Small Part Handling Reference

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Klinger, Denmark - Constructor Group Small Part Handling Reference

When Klinger moved to new premises they used this opportunity to optimise the storage and handling of their small parts.

In a section of the warehouse the mobile shelving system HI280 Compactus® houses all of Klinger’s small parts. P90 Pallet racking was installed for the storage of their pallets.


The installation consisted of 6 mobiles and 1 static unit. The mobile units run on rails incorporated in a specially designed false floor. HI280 industrial shelving was mounted on the rails. All small parts are stored in our plastic storage boxes of different sizes. The plastic boxes are housed on the HI280 shelves. By operating the ergonomically designed handle Klinger can move a single or all 6 mobile bases simultaneously. This allows them to open the specific aisle containing the required item.


Height of installation: 2.3 metre
Depth of installation: 6.2 metre
Width: 6.1 metre including aisle