Grohe AG, Germany - Constructor Group Storage Machines Reference

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Grohe AG, Germany - Constructor Group Storage Machines Reference

Grohe AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of plumbing fittings. In addition to a range of pallet racks, three horizontal carousels (HOCA) in combination with a sophisticated materials handling concept take care of a smooth movement and storage of goods.

The logistics center in Porta Westfalica, Germany was equipped with a total storage solution from Dexion who designed work and picking processes much more efficiently.


Three horizontal carousels side by side allow the operator to operate at three access openings and pick up to 8 orders simultaneously. The batch picking process is supported by a Pick-by-Light solution. As part of an overall material flow, filled plastic and cardboard bins are guided to different packing areas by a conveyor system designed and delivered by Dexion. Empty bins are returned from the packing areas to the horizontals, also incoming goods are recorded here.


Stored goods: plumbing fittings and finished products
Items: approx. 3,000
Storage capacity: 787 m²
Machines: 3 parallel horizontal carousels with 52 bays each
Length: 25 m
Height: 3.2 m
Width of the entire system: 7.0 m
Payload: 25,000 kg per horizontal carousel