Dustin, Sweden - Constructor Group Small Part Handling Reference

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Dustin, Sweden - Constructor Group Small Part Handling Reference

Dustin is a fast growing business with 70% of its turnover via internet and online sales, they are a leading brand/company in Sweden and Denmark of computer goods 80% for industry and 20% for consumer sales.

They needed a new logistics center and had built a 20000 m² facility in Rosersberg just outside Stockholm. The warehouse will store more than 100 000 different articles demanding a high quality sales support system.

Their key success factors are fast and precise shipments.


Dustin's new warehouse was planned according to volume of goods, packing size and frequency in order to minimize picking time. The warehouse is shipping 4000 orders daily.

The high rise part of their storage facility was created using pallet racking P90, to a height of 8m with 4500 pallet locations and the lower part is constructed with shelving system Hi280, 7 shelves per bay.


P90 Pallet Racking:

Height: 8m
Pallets: 4.500
Load capacity: 2,1-3 tons per beam level. Special mesh frames divide compartments in the pallet racking and safety accessories are installed according to regulations.

Hi280 Shelving System:

Height 2,5 m
Shelves: 7 per bay, 7000 m of shelves in total.