BEKO Bil, Sweden - Constructor Group Retail Storage Solution Reference

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BEKO Bil, Sweden - Constructor Group Retail Storage Solution Reference

Bekö Bil is the leading car retailer in Gothenburg, Sweden, for many major brand names such as SAAB, Chevrolet, Opel and Subaru.

Due to new regulations, all cars are required to have two sets of tyres, one for summer and another for winter. This required Bekö Bil to invest in a new highly modern workshop for tyre services. 

Bekö has built their tyre service workshop in a newly constructed, separate building, connected to their main workshop. However as space was limited, a compact solution seemed to be the most suitable option to optimise the warehouse capacity.


Constructor Group, already a partner of Bekö for storage solutions, was consequently contacted by the company. Due to the limited space and huge storage demand the solution became a compact storage rack based on the Hi280 shelving system, supplied with longspan tyre beams, built on seven,10m long manually controlled mobiles.


  • The room area is 120 m² and the layout allows for 7 mobiles, each 10m long  plus one fixed tyre rack unit towards the wall.
  • The total capacity of the tyre rack installation holds between 3,780 to 4,800 tyres (depending on tyre size) on 7 levels and covering a total of just 120 m² of floor space.
  • This gives approximately 40 tyres /m² in a very effective storage utilisation.