Office Storage Solutions - References

  • Siemens, Denmark

    Siemens, Denmark

    The mobile shelving Compactus Original plays a vital role in the Siemens new concept called ”Siemens New Office”. Here all documentation is stored in office systems, centrally located.

  • Pharmaceutical Group, Belgium

    Pharmaceutical Group, Belgium

    While helping to reduce the required office space of a pharmaceutical group in Belgium, by equipping the offices with a space saving Compactus® Dynamic Pro XT mobile cabinet system, special attention was simultaneously given to the design of the office cabinets.

  • Office Storage Solutions - Constructor Group Reference: Tullow Oil Dublin, Ireland

    Tullow Oil Dublin, Ireland

    Storage Systems Ltd has completed a large Mobile Shelving fitout at there new Irish offices located in Central Park, Sanydyford, Dublin.

  • Office Storage Solutions - Constructor Group Reference: Le Braz College, France

    Le Braz College, France

    Due to the large number of pupils who will be studying in this area, the Sysco® solution was chosen and contains sliding doors fitted with a locking system. ...

  • Office Mobile Cabinets - Constructor Group Reference: ABN AMRO, The Netherlands

    ABN AMRO, The Netherlands

    Compactus® Office is installed to increase the dynamic archive. It was necessary that the storage system would be integrated in the office environment.

  • Office Storage Solutions - Constructor Group Reference: Celio International, Belgium

    Celio International, Belgium

    The Compactus® mobile system is finished with glass panels with LED lighting. This design creates a modern and dynamic image. ...

  • Office Storage - Constructor Group Reference: Rabobank IJsseldelta, The Netherlands

    Rabobank IJsseldelta, The Netherlands

    Compactus® electrical mobile cabinets with adjustable LED lighting in the floor provided the solution. A design has been applied to the glass. ...

  • Office Storage - Constructor Group Reference: Siemens Real Estate, Germany

    Siemens Real Estate, Germany

    In the new office of Siemens Real Estate a concentrated, individual as well as cooperate working had to be integrated in the design of the office. ...

  • Office Storage Solutions - Constructor Group Reference: Kellogg Germany

    Kellogg Germany

    The design of the outer walls of the Compactus® mobile cabinets feature an ear of wheat motif to create a visual link to the raw materials that are used for its products. ...