2Tier Double Decker mobile shelving for the ultimate utilisation of the space available

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2Tier Double Decker mobile shelving for the ultimate utilisation of the space available

The whole appearance, quality and function of the 2Tier Double Decker Mobile shelving installed at Glasgow Museum Reource Centre has impressed the staff and Alex MacLean, GMRC's Special Projects Officer who is delighted with what has been achieved. There have been numerous favourable comments by visitors and one thing that strikes most people is how clean and aesthetically pleasing the systems are on the eye - quite different from the usual ‘grey’ shelving seen in Museum Stores.

The Museum

With no less than eleven museums and Galleries, Glasgow Museums is the largest local authority museums service in Britain. The Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC) is the first publicly accessible store for the city’s museum service with free guided tours 7 days a week. Built to house the vast collection that exists, the store contains only 2% of which could be displayed at any one time. This new purpose-built museum storage facility and visitor centre on the south side of Glasgow cost £12.8 million to build the second phase.

The new facility includes 6,000 square metres of environmentally controlled storage space, housing approximately 1,000,000 objects covering an extraordinary range of collections across the four major disciplines of art, technology, history and natural history.

The Solution

Within the buildings there are several large storage ‘Pods’ of varying sizes. Each has been designed to house a particular collection or type of object. One variation is the height of these Pods - some have up to 4.5m of available headroom whilst others are restricted to 2.5m.

The 4.5m height in two of the Pods is fully utilised with 2-Tier Electronic Mobile Shelving Systems; this was a piority for GMRC’s Special Projects Officer, Alex MacLean. Having also considered a static solution on a mezzanine (not enough capacity in the area) and very high mobile shelving (access problems with large heavy ladders) this concept, he felt, gave the best utilisation of space whilst providing a user friendly solution staff would enjoy and benefit from working with.

Read Alex MacLean's full story about the Glasgow Museum Reource Centre here.