Volvo PV, Göteborg Sweden - Constructor Group Carton Flow rack Reference

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Volvo PV, Göteborg Sweden - Constructor Group Carton Flow rack Reference

When Volvo needed to increase efficiency for the picking department of the warehouse they turned to Dexion's Carton Flow systems.

The Volvo plant in Gothenburg, an automotive manufacturer, is working with CIP, to continuously improve all stages of the product life cycle within the warehouse.

Timings for product/article delivery to an assembly plant are critical. The new developed dynamic storage solution has increased speed, quality and internal logistics considerably for the department.

Racking units with rollers have been constructed and supplied for use alongside the assembly lines, giving an efficient order picking and unloading of articles. These racks are supplied with angled roller tracks; gravity provides the energy, creating a fast, ergonomic and energy efficient solution for the optimal presentation of goods at the picking face.


Volvo wanted to create a system where the efficiency at the assembly stations could be increased. A requirement for quickly implemented changes and flexibility was needed, due to the variety of car models produced on the assembly line. This new picking station concept has become an important part of the processing & assembling of cars at Volvo due to its shortened picking times and reduced alteration times.


  • Number of articles stored and handled at each picking station: 1700
  • Number of Pallet locations at the floating store: 5660
  • Number of picking stations: 80, each with 4 levels and 50 wheel tracks.