EngeriMidt A/S, Denmark - Constructor Group Mobile Pallet Racking Reference

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EngeriMidt A/S, Denmark - Constructor Group Mobile Pallet Racking Reference

EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company, the result of a merger between three electricity companies in 2002.  The new warehouse at EnergiMidt was for their Street and Traffic Lighting Division, consisting of 2000 square meters. The building has been optimized for storage both in height, width and length.

With a combination of stationary and mobile pallet racking they now have enough capacity to house both picking, buffer and remote storage. At the same time the physical organization of all articles, and the electronic localization system that were also installed have reduced the time spent for searching and handling the articles.


The stationary pallet racks contain 550 pallet places and are quickly and fully accessible. The mobile pallet racks contain almost 1000 pallet places and are used for storage of articles less frequently used. At floor level several pallet suspensions have been installed. They are easy accessible and allow picking from pallets without risking back injuries. A vacuum lifter was installed and is used for lifts over 20 kg.

At the other end of the warehouse a Hi280 multi-tier shelving installation offers more than 3.300 shelving meters of storage. While outside, galvanized cantilever racks and cable drum racks are used for handling and storage of lamp poles and cable reels.


Number of pallet places: 1550
Number of shelving meters: 3300