Nomeco, Denmark - Constructor Group Health Care Storage Reference

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Nomeco, Denmark - Constructor Group Health Care Storage Reference

One of Nomeco’s competence areas deals with storage and handling of medicaments for clinical trials. Here are quite a few requirements to fulfill for the storage of their goods.

Nomeco is Denmark’s leading medicine wholesaler and distributes approx. 70% of the medicine sold through Danish pharmacies together with an essential part of the medical products used on Danish hospitals.

The solution

The mobile shelving system Compactus® mobile storage system makes it possible for Nomeco to control and document the severe requirements for storage and handling of clinical trials. The programmable safety keys guarantee that only authorized staff gets access to the system. The installation is provided with 6 sensors that measure and control temperature and humidity in the system. Another advantage is the compact storage which made it possible to obtain many shelf meters. Furthermore, it is possible to extend the system. The front panels on all bases have been mounted with a bubble free pvc foil with graphics and logotype.


Number of stationary bases: 1
Number of mobile bases: 12
Number of sensors: 6
Number of shelving meter: 800