Frederikssund Pharmacy, Denmark

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Frederikssund Pharmacy, Denmark - ConstructorGroup Health Care

When the shopping mall Sillebroen opened up the doors, Constructor had already delivered shelving for several of the shops.

For Frederikssund Apotek the compact shelving Compactus® was deliverd. This shelving meets the primary requirement from the pharmacya which is to make best possible use of the expensive square meters. First of all the installation is dimensioned in order to fit to the space available - in terms of width, depth and height. Next the shelving are mobile which adds an extra 80% to the storage capacity.


The Compactus® installation consists of 2 static shelving and 6 double mobile shelving. In the centre of the installation is placed piping, therefore 2 of the double mobile shelving are 20 cm shorter than the others. The total number of efficient shelving meter is 141.


Number of static shelving: 2
Number of double mobile shelving: 6
Max. load per section: 375 kg equally distributed
Max. load per shelf: 95 / 125 kg equally distributed