Our Services

Our Services

Customers in all markets can benefit from working with Constructor Group.

We develop customer-oriented solutions tailored to meet your needs, whatever they may be. In addition to our core range we can also provide a fully customised installation.

To enhance our product range we can also provide a comprehensive package of services including warehouse consultancy & planning, a dedicated Aftersales & Service division, and a redesign service to support future expansion or streamlining.


Consulting Solutions Delivery After Sales
Constructor Consulting Constructor Solutions Constructor Delivery Constructor After Sales

We can provid practical assistance to our customers through a more detailed analysis of their storage requirements.

  • Analysis & Simulation Tools
  • The C-WIS Suite

Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team and engineers can provide a valuable insight into solving our customer’s storage requirements, whatever they are.

Constructor has a wide range of storage equipment available to meet your storage needs.

Depending on your requirements we can provide a full spectrum of options, ranging from an outline guide to a fully detailed quotation.

Whatever products you require we will get them to you in an optimum condition, on time.

Project Management
With a wealth of project management and installation experience we are able to deliver everything from a single product to a turnkey solution to our customers.

Our Rack Inspectors offer a convenient, comprehensive and cost effective way to keep your warehouse safe.

Constructor work with customers to provide on going support with the maintenance and servicing of our products.

Safety courses
We offer a full range of safety courses to support a warehouse operation. Tailored courses can also be provided to suit your individual needs.

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