Automotive storage solutions to meet your daily challenge

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Automotive storage solutions to meet your daily challenge

Large, medium and small Automotive companies all have a common challenge: How can we store a large number of components that are oddly shaped or a huge range of small items that each need a home?

Regardless of your Automotive storage requirements Constructor probably already has the answer. Having worked closely with the Automotive industry for many years our tailored storage range has resolved many unusual challenges!

Automotive storage is diverse and varies from Manufacturing to Car Dealers or from Spare Parts retailers to Workshops & Garages. Our Automotive storage systems can provide the answers to each challenge with special accessories able to handle exhausts, engines, windscreens or small component parts, to name just a few. We understand that any storage solution needs to meet logistical challenges and the importance of having full accessibility to all articles, whilst optimizing every square metre of space.

Contact us to find out how we can help you to meet your storage challenges, whatever they are.