Dexion Slovakia Launches Online Shop for Storage Solutions

  • Dexion Slovakia Launches Online Shop for Storage Solutions

Dexion Slovakia Launches Online Shop for Storage Solutions is Dexion Spol. SRO’s new website, dedicated to the online sale on the Slovak market of small and medium systems, in standard configurations. For a complex quote, that will take into consideration your specific needs and optimize the storage space, please contact the nearest Dexion area sales manager or the company’s headquarters.

If you have a small order you need urgently, if you require an instantly available storage system of high quality and at a convenient price, visit , where you can find the most suitable solution and order it with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Now Dexion’s customers can enjoy all the specific advantages offered by purchasing a product from an international group (reliability, quality, experience) as well as other advantages, such as fast delivery, easy availability and great transparency. Our new Slovak online shop allows for anyone to configure and order a suitable storage system, immediately and directly from the manufacturer.

Alongside shelving kits and accessories, which were especially configured for online sales, you can also discover various other products with quick delivery and highly advantageous prices. 

The presentation website for industrial solutions and the presentation website for commercial solutions remain Dexion Spol. SRO’s main websites and the most complete source of information for Constructor Group products available in Slovakia. allows for the quick purchase, at special prices, of small and medium sized storage systems, in standard configurations, as well as the purchase of various storage accessories. If you have a more complex project, that requires the support of our experts in order to optimize available space according to your specific needs, please contact your nearest Dexion area sales manager or the company’s headquarters at

About Dexion s.r.o.

Dexion s.r.o. has been present in Slovakia since 1995 and has become a leading company on the Slovak market, in the field of supplying various solutions, ranging from pallet racking to archiving solutions. Dexion is part of the pan-European Constructor Group and can offer on the Slovak market a wide range of storage solutions, manufactured in the Constructor Group factories from Germany, Romania, Holland, Finland and Russia.

The company stands out on the market through its combination of high quality products and superior service levels. Dexion’s 50 year experience in the field of manufacturing pallet racking and various storage systems is a testament to the brand’s dedication to high quality and continuous innovation.