Danish Defence Material Supply chose Constructor

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Danish Defence Material Supply chose Constructor

The Material Supply Service (MSS) is a company within the Danish Defence. MSS purchases, maintains and supplies all kinds of material and equipment for the Danish Defence, including the Army, the Navy and the Air force. The company employs 2400 persons, and disposes over 60 national depots handling approx. 700,000 article numbers.

”Previously it was a local person on every single depot, who was in charge of all aspects of working security and maintenance of racking and other equipment”, colonel Jens Kofoed tells. ”Now we have chosen to enter an INSTA agreement with Constructor to get competent and certified INSTA controllers to make a safety inspection of our pallet and small items racking on all depots”.

After each inspection Constructor is preparing a report on the repair and upgrade work which has to be done in order to bring security to the level required by law.

Colonel Jens Kofoed continues ”We have had an excellent collaboration with Constructor, who in a thorough and professional way has examined, upgraded and certified all warehouse equipment in terms of security, according to the European standard DS/EN 15635. Therefore we now have comprehensive documentation to proof that the security on our warehouses is in order. We have benefitted further from this security inspection, as we have taken the opportunity to optimize the warehouse function on each and every depot. Many of the changes we had in mind, have now been implemented. Thanks to Constructor’s counseling we have succeeded in updating our warehouse function, both in terms of security and operations. Defective items have been repaired, old equipment replaced and surplus from one depot has been used on another. At the same time we have generated new ideas for a more Lean optimized lay-out and exploitation of the material equipment”.