New Sales Support Center Manager in Rasnov, Romania

New Sales Support Center Manager in Rasnov, Romania

Sales support manager, Caprian Imbrescu, in Dexion Storage Solutions SRLWe are pleased to announce that Mr. Ciprian Imbrescu, 34 years has been employed as SSCR Manager to be responsible for the Sales Support Center activities giving services to the Group Sales Companies.

This is a split reporting role and he will in his daily work report to Brian Howson, General Manager, Dexion Storage Systems, Romania, and professionally he is subordinated to the Constructor Group SVP of Business Development.

Ciprian is educated as a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Timisoara, Romania and also holds an MBA from the same university.

He has been working at Draexlmaier, Romania for the last 10 years. Draexlmaier is a company in the automotive business producing wire harnesses for some of the biggest auto manufactures.

Ciprian worked at different places in the organisation and his last position was as Department manager for Romania, Mexico and Tunisia to organize and manage all the design work for testing the products within the Draexlmaier group.

Ciprian Imbrescu started in his position 1st June 2011 and we all welcome him to Rasnov, and to the Constructor Group.