Bruynzeel receives important IEC certificate and EN inspection

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Bruynzeel receives important IEC certificate and EN inspection

IEC 60950 & EN 15095 Certification 21-02-11

Panningen, 24 January 2011

As one of the first mobile shelving producers in Europe, Bruynzeel is now certified to IEC 60950 certificate, useable worldwide including the external inspection for EN 15095 norm. With these two certifications Bruynzeel is a big step in front of other mobile shelving manufacturers!

IEC 60950 certification

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the leading global organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. These serve as a basis for national standardization and as references when drafting international tenders and contracts. The IEC standards facilitate world wide trading by removing technical borders, leading to new markets and economic growth.

“For Bruynzeel this means that we now comply to all technical requirements for our mobile storage systems, in all the countries we supply. For us and especially for our customers this is important, the customer knows that our mobile storage systems fulfill all safety requirements”, said Roland van der Velden, Manager Research & Development at Bruynzeel.

EN 15095 certification

Following the inspection, according to EN 15095, by the external company DEKRA, Bruynzeel has proved that their storage systems Compactus® Office Electro, Compactus® Electro en Compactus® Electro+ all comply to safety requirements that are set out in the European Law for mobile storage systems. Within this European Law we are obliged to comply to the EN 15095 directive.

“We are very proud that we are one of the first companies in our field to have been certified. With this certification the safety of our products is confirmed. We can guarantee a safe and effective mobile storage system to our customers”.