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Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Bruynzeel Storage Systems

Bruynzeel develops storage solutions for offices, archives, libraries and repositories in government institutions, museums, universities, libraries, financial organisations and healthcare organisations.

Compactus and Sysco are known products manufactored by Bruynzeel

Bruynzeel provides:

Adaptable and space saving: from simple to highly complex, for multinationals as well as local businesses. 

Customer satisfaction is our goal!

To achieve this, we team up with our clients and develop a solution that suits them in every detail, adapted to every requirement. A solution that will match the dynamics of the working environment, efficiently and beautifully. And produced according to environment-conscious methods. Solutions by Bruynzeel create efficient office, archive, library and repository storage and add to a pleasant working climate.

Bruynzeel is a member of the Constructor Group

For information please visit www.bruynzeel.co.uk

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