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About us

Constructor Group UK Ltd represents the Constructor Group AS in the UK.

Constructor Group is a leading manufacturer and provider of high quality storage solutions, which it markets throughout Europe under the Constructor, ConstructorLogistics, Bruynzeel, Kasten, Dexion and PSS brands.

Constructor Group UK Ltd. is wholly owned by Constructor Group AS of Norway and is one of the largest providers of storage solutions in Europe. Our products range from innovative pallet racking and shelving solutions to office and archive storage solution:

Within the group we have years of experience and expertise which we utilise in collaboration with our customers to provide the very best solutions. 

We can provide a complete package of services including consultancy, planning and maintenance whether the requirement is for the fitting out of a warehouse or shelving solutions for a museum, office or library.  Constructor Group can make a contribution to improving your business by providing a first rate working (storage) environment.

Structure – Countries & People

With a turnover of approximately 330 million Euros, over 1200 employees and modern manufacturing facilities strategically located in the key markets of Russia, Romania, Netherlands, Germany and Finland, Constructor Group is a leading force in the storage industry.   The Group has a strong local presence throughout Europe as well as a sales network throughout the rest of world including Africa, the Far East and Australasia, the Middle East, North and South America.